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Risotto with Tastasal

400g of Carnaroli or Vialone rise
350g of tastasal
50g of butter
1 onion
meat broth
Grana Padano

Take the swine mince (tastasal), brown it in the pot with the butter and the onion cut in slim slices, over a low heat and add a glass of white wine at your pleasure. Make the broth boil in another pot in order to cover completely the rice. Pour the rice in the boiling broth, mix slowly and add some broth if it’s necessary (15/18 minutes coocking over a low heat).
At three fourths of coocking unit the tastasal to the rice, mixing well. At the end sprinkle with grated grana. Serve warm.

Sweet Gnocchi

1Kg of potatoes or sweet potatoes
200g of flour 00
50g of butter
1 egg
30g of sugar
10g of cinnamon
Grana Padano

Make the potatoes boil with the skin, peel and tread them on, put all in the masher and let cool.
Add the egg, the flour and a bit of salt, mixing all till obtaining a soft and elastic compost.
Shape the gnocchi, put them in the boiling and salted water, when they reemerge drain them, flavor them with cinnamon, sugar, butter liquefied and abundant Grana Padano.

Pumpkin velvet

2 medium potatoes
200g of pompkin pulp
1/2 white onion
1 l of vegetal broth
3 spoons of extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cut the onion and brown it in a pot with the olive oil. Peel the potatoes and slice them in slim pieces, add to the onion and make cook for 3 minutes. Meanwhile cut the pumpkin in dices and add to the potatoes. Make them brown briefly, cover with the broth and cook slowly.
At finished cook, whip the velvet adding salt and pepper. Serve the warm velvet accompanied by croutons of bread and a shred of raw oil.